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What's going on?



Join us every Sunday starting at 10:30am! 

We'll offer Holy Communion (which is open to EVERYONE!).  

We'll talk about a Gospel message that strives to be relevant to our lives in the world today.


 First timers or regulars, ALL ARE WELCOME.  COME AS YOU ARE!!

God meets us here with love and grace.

Free parking is available on the street in front of the church, or in the parking lot across the street next to the fire station.


St. Mark's provides reading tutoring for 1st through 3rd grade on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 to 5pm from January to March.  Contact your school for additional information. 


Maundy Thursday service 7pm

Good Friday service 7pm

Easter Sunday:

   Breakfast 8:30 and Service 10am

All are welcome!

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Thank you for visiting and we welcome you to St. Mark's!

We welcome you whether this is your first time, or you grew up in the church.

We welcome you if you are not crazy about church, but want to give it another try.

We welcome you if you have nowhere else to turn.

We welcome you if you are  dealing with  the craziness of life.

We welcome you if you are single, married, or somewhere in-between.

We welcome you if can sing, or you just fake it.

We welcome you if you have never prayed before, cannot recite prayer, or make up your own.

 We welcome you if you are single or married.   We    welcome you if are divorced or just lost a spouse. 

We welcome you no matter who you love, marry, or are in relationship with.  We welcome you for being YOU.

We welcome you no matter your skin color, the language you speak, or the faith background you came from (if any!).

We welcome you if you are more "spiritual" than "religious".

We welcome you with all your troubles, brokenness, and unsurety.

We welcome you if you feel others just don't get you.

We welcome you  if you are here because you wanted to check out the really old church building on Main St.

We welcome you whether you bring no kids or 10 kids.

We welcome you with long hair, tattoos, earings, nose rings, colored hair,  beards....whatever!   (HAVE YOU SEEN OUR PASTOR!)

We welcome you if it seems life has really been unfair and you are tired.

We welcome you if this is a new experience for you.  If you have been hurt by the church, and it has taken everything you have to walk through those doors...we welcome you.

We welcome you if you are trying to figure where it is you fit in.

We welcome you because we love you and God loves you...for who YOU are!

Come on in and let's figure out life TOGETHER!

Woman Praying
People In Church
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